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In order to contact NetSuite Support, you will need to define your authorized contacts.

How to Manage Authorized Contacts via NetSuite Account Center:

In line with provisioning of Authorized Contacts, an account is entitled to have certain number of individuals that will serve as the authorized contacts for NetSuite Support. For those with Silver Support, you may have up to two (2) authorized contacts. Once you have identified who you would like to be your authorized contacts, follow the steps below to create the Authorized Contact records:

  1. Login to your NetSuite account, then click the Support tab.
  2. Under NetSuite Account Center portlet, click the NetSuite Account Center link. If this link is not available, see Accessing the NetSuite Account Center.
  3. Under Customer Center – Home Links portlet, click Authorized Contacts.
  4. Click New Authorized Contact.
  5. Fill-out the form and mark the Authorized checkbox to make the contact one of the authorized contacts for NetSuite Support. Limit for the number of authorized contacts can also be seen under Other Details. Note: Please use the same email address you login to your NetSuite account in your Authorized Contact record.
  6. Click Save. Follow the same steps above to remove authorization for contacts (except in Step 6 the Authorized checkbox should be unchecked).

Who are the Authorized Contacts?

These are the named Grantee Staff (or Customer employees) who have sufficient technical knowledge, training, or experience with the Service who will be responsible for all communications with NetSuite Support. This includes case submission and incident reports. These Authorized Contacts are authorized to request and receive Support Services on behalf of their organization.

Are there any system pre-requisites to becoming an Authorized Contact?

Yes, that contact person must have been added as an employee user of your NetSuite instance. See "Adding New Users..." on how to do this.

How many Authorized Contacts can our company have?

Generally, for grantees, up to two (2) Authorized Contacts may be assigned by your organization's Administrator. This will be based on the Support Type as explained in the Supplemental Support Terms and Support Offering Comparison Chart.

Are there defined criteria on who can be an authorized contact or can it be anyone from the company?

It can be anyone, but we encourage those that have already taken NetSuite Essentials training or are the most experienced NetSuite users within the company.

Are all Administrators authorized contacts?

Not automatically. Authorized Contacts are people specified by their organization. They can have any role including the Administrator role.

Do we have a standard way of approving which contacts can be authorized?

The authorized contacts should be specified by a decision maker on the grantee's side – Administrator or Primary Contact.

What do we do if I don't know who our Primary Contact / Administrator is?

Please refer to your immediate supervisor to determine internally who your Primary Contact or Administrator is.

I'm an Administrator, how do I set myself or another person to be an Authorized Contact for our organization?

NetSuite > Administrator role > Lists > Employees > Employees > Edit {user’s name} > Access > Roles: Add ‘NetSuite Support Center’ role > Save

What if a case was submitted by an authorized user on behalf of non-authorized contact?

The NetSuite Support Team will continue to work with authorized contacts only.


Information in this article is taken from SuiteAnswers (ID 38154) In order to improve response times and develop a scalable Customer Support, NetSuite has adapted the Authorized Contacts process in line with our Terms of Support Service. To set up your company's authorized contacts, see "Manage Authorized Contacts" (SuiteAnswers ID 37605) via NetSuite Account Center.

Manage Authorized Contacts via NetSuite Account Center (SuiteAnswers 37605)

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