DKIM and Email Domains


The first step in creating an email campaign is preparing the email template. This template contains your marketing message and is used to generate the email NetSuite sends.

When you create your email template, you can select your company's email domain. This domain replaces each instance of the domain that would show in your email by default.

This same domain can be used for DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) email authentication. DKIM is an accepted method of vouching for the email you send. Many ISPs like Google and Yahoo identify email in their recipients' inboxes that has used DKIM, and they even verify their own email with this method.

Your system administrator can set up DKIM and campaign email domains. Your company must first purchase a domain from a domain provider like or Network Solutions. DKIM and email domains are required in order to send more than 10,000 email messages per campaign (or email merge) or more than 100,000 bulk email per month.

If you have DKIM set up, there is no limit on the number of email you can send in a single merge or campaign. The only limit is the monthly allotment of email you have purchased. Email that is sent by NetSuite's servers is counted towards your monthly allotment even if it does not reach its target recipient.

Step-by-step guide

To setup your domain names in NetSuite:

  1. Go to Setup > Site Builder > Setup Tasks > Domains
  2. In the Domain Name column, enter the domain name you have pointed at

  3. In the Hosted As column, select Email Campaign
  4. Click Add
  5. Repeat these steps for each domain you want to add (Note: If you have a domain name like, you should enter this domain name as both and

  6. Click Save


Finally, select the campaign domain on the Marketing subtab of your email template or campaign template records. You can set a default domain for your templates in the Default Campaign Domain field at Setup > Marketing > Preferences > Marketing Preferences.